Henri Barges

Henri Barges
Henri Barges started directing commercials since his early 20’s.
Early in his career, his innovative approach led him to win a Gold Lion in
Cannes for “Amnesty International”.
He later developed a passion for SFX and became an “image and action” director.
Curious by nature, Henri never wanted to be listed in one category, he started
directing offbeat humour comedy films and car commercial to broaden his field of
His long experience all over the globe, on various types of projects made Henri
very adaptable to different types of shootings.
More than any other director, he truly understands the needs and means of his
clients. Always appreciated for giving full satisfaction, agencies and clients
frequently ask him to work together again.
On top of that, Henri is also a very nice guy!
His dream is to direct his own feature film, an actioner with explosive humour
and impressive visual!
He regularly works for worldwide brands such as Coca Cola, Samsung, Panasonic,
Pepsi, Orange, Toyota, Vodafone, Suzuki…
Henri currently lives in Paris.