Andrey Komolyatov

Andrey Komolyatov
Was born on July 8 1973.
1996 - graduated from the Moscow Power Supply Institute.
1996 - 2002 – has worked at the «Farm Vector» company, Logistics Division.
2002-2004 has cooperated with Park Production as a Production Manager.
Since 2004 - present – cooperating with Park Production as a Producer.
As a producer Andrey worked on such projects as: VTB, Campina, Rich, Rostelecom, Pepsi, Adrenaline Rush, Korkunov, Visa, Miller, Svyaznoy, Beeline, Kinder, IKEA, Johhnie Walker, Megafon, KIA, Diflucan, Gazprom, Pochta Rossii, Sibirskaya Korona and others.